Free Video Editing Tools - Image & Text Overlay

This is part 5 of our series on free Vidds tools.

The goal of Vidds is to make the fastest video editing app, but we’ve also created free tools that handle basic video editing tasks without requiring an account signup.

Today we’re talking about our free tool to add image and text overlays to videos.

This tool takes the most time to use, but it’s still a very simple process:

  1. Open the video overlay tool.
  2. Drag and drop your video, or click the red box to select a file from your computer.
  3. Select “Add Overlay”
  4. Now, you can add anything you want to appear over your video. Under the “Add” section, you can choose Rectangle to create a colored box, or Text/Image to layer content.
  5. Once you’ve added one, you can click it in the preview. Then you can drag to move or use the resize bars to change the dimensions.
  6. The preview also has a seek slider so you can see how it looks at different parts of the video.
  7. Once your overlays are ready, click “Go!” to create the new video, then save the video with the Download link.

We built this because overlays are a powerful addition to videos and they have a variety of uses:

  • Create a fun meme out of any video by adding a rectangle with text over it.
  • Embed your logo anywhere on a video you’ve recorded.
  • Use text to add context to what is happening in the video.
  • Block out certain parts of a video.

We know that privacy is important with video content, so our free tools never upload your content to our servers, so your videos are safe and secure because they never leave your laptop.

You don’t have to deal with complex or expensive software, just start adding video overlays right in your browser.

Our other tools can help you do more than overlays. We also have a tool to cut videos, a way to convert them to other formats, create gif clips, resize videos, and take screenshots of videos.