Video Editing API

The Vidds API provides an easy and flexible way to automate your video editing and creation.

Vidds API Playground

Automate your video creation

Scale and automate your videos with full customization, branding, and templates! Beautiful designs and animations, with your content inside.

Create one (or many) templates, then use the API for automation:

  • Create social media videos
  • Automate ads for multiple products or audiences
  • Create blog and page teasers
  • Branded product videos
  • And more!

The Vidds API goes far beyond the simple timeline-based APIs, so your video content will fit together seamlessly.

And with our fun, intuitive API Playground, you’ll get the hang of it in no time!

How to use the video editing API

Vidds is incredibly powerful for creating video designs and branding. Once you have a design, it’s easy to plug in different content (text, videos, images, etc).

1. Create a Template

First, use the Vidds editor to create a video with intros, outros, video and image content. Animate your elements easily and select scene transitions.

2. Customize

Use the Vidds API to customize the template. Change text, swap images and videos, etc. Remove anything you don’t want.

3. Submit!

Submit your changes to the API endpoint. Your request can either render the video, or save the result to your dashboard to test or edit.


Video API Example

This is a small sample of what you can do. Each update contains a scene and element ID, which the API Explorer lists for you. This code sample:

  • Updates the intro scene logo to a new logo.
  • Updates the intro scene headline text.
  • Changes the main scene background video (main.bg_video) to a different mp4.

Powerful API Features

You can change as much as you want through the API, but the Vidds API comes with powerful automation without requiring you to add complex positioning and timing:

  • When you update an image or video, Vidds automatically positions and sizes it within the container.
  • When the text or video in a scene is changed, Vidds will dynamically change the length of the scene, so you don’t have to calculate how long to display text, or figure out the exact length of a video or clip.
  • You can update brand fonts and colors once and it will apply to all elements using those brand options.
  • You can resize the video and Vidds will adjust the elements to fit the new dimensions.

What you can change with the API

The API exposes all of our editor features in a simple JSON structure. Here is what you can use it for:

  • Update text, images, videos, and shapes.
  • Change fonts, sizes, colors, and positions.
  • Animate elements and transition scenes.
  • Remove scenes and elements that aren’t needed.
  • Update video brand colors, video size, logo watermarks.
  • Add background audio tracks – music, voiceovers, etc.
Play Video about Add Transitions

Try our video editing API today!

If you’ve used Vidds before, you probably already understand how the API works. If not, sign up now for free, instant access to create your first template.

The Vidds API doesn’t require any complicated libraries. It is a single web request with a simple JSON structure that you can create in any programming language, or even on the command line!

It’s so easy to try it out, too! The API Playground can help you generate a JSON structure. Once you’re ready, make edits to the JSON based on your data and make the API request to create a new video!