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Social Media Videos
Designed to Delight

Create scroll–stopping videos for your Social Media pages. Make videos for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap, TikTok, Reddit, where else you can you post videos? Oh, I know – Twitter! Ugh, I already said that one. Well you get the picture, if it’s a social media platform and you can post videos on it, then you can use Vidds to quickly and easily create those videos.

Videos that will help to entertain, inform and capture the attention of your audience, increasing the engagement on your posts. Videos that will get you noticed, tell your story and grow your social media presence.

Talk to your audience with videos

Social Media platforms are a powerful way to reach your audience and engage your network of followers. Using video posts helps to grab attention and is proven to stop people scrolling more than any other type of content.

Videos can help increase a posts engagements. They are more likely to be shared, liked and commented on. This helps your accounts to increase their reach and popularity. 

By increasing your engagement and reach with video posts, you have the ability to capture the attention of a much larger audience. This is huge for growing your accounts and increasing your social media presence.

Our template library saves you time

1. Select template

Don’t know where to start?! Use one of our video templates to get the ball rolling. Our pre-designed video scenes make creating a great video for social media a piece of cake. 

2. Customise

Use our customisation tools to easily edit your video. Add images, videos, text and music. Match your brand colours, include your logo and you’re ready to go. With Vidds it’s easy to create the perfect video.

3. Export

Once you’re happy with your video, simply render your project. When the video has rendered it will be available to download. After this it will live in your dashboard for whenever you need it again.