Add Transition to Video

Easily and quickly add transitions to your video.

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Add Transition to Video

How to Add Transitions to Your Video

1. Upload Clips

Select the “Add Media” button at the top of the video canvas. This will prompt you to add a video from your computer. Select the video file you want and then click upload. Add as many scenes as you need to the video and then repeat this process until you’ve added all of your video clips.

2. Add Transition

Between each scene thumbnail in the Scene List at the bottom of the editor, you’ll find the “Add Transition” icon. Click the icon to add a transition between the scenes. Select the transition that you like and change the duration to meet your requirements.

3. Download Video

When you’re happy with the transition that you’ve added to your video, simply click “Download” and your video will begin to render. 

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to add transitions to your video

To make a great video you’ll often need to use multiple clips or shots to tell your story. With Vidds it’s fast and easy to merge these clips together, but how do you get a smooth effect as you move from one clip to the next? 

By using video transitions!

You’ve probably seen these effects in many of the movies, adverts, YouTube videos, TV series and other videos that you watched. You may not have realised it, but it’s these transitions that help increase the production value of a video. Transitions make videos feel more professional.

So what is a video transition?

A video transition is a small effect that is added between each scene of a video to create a smooth transition from one to the next. There are many types, some simple and some more complicated and dynamic.

With Vidds we have 6 great transition that you can choose and customise. 

  1. Cut transition – straight from one scene to the next without an effect. You “cut” between them.
  2. Fade – this is where the first scene subtly blends (or fades) into the next one.
  3. Slide – choose from up, down, left and right to slide the current scene out and the next one in behind it.
  4. Flip – a “3d” style rotation that flips the current scene out and the next scene in. In one smooth motion.
  5. Zoom out – a smooth & fast zoom out on the current scene to reveal the next scene.
  6. Zoom in – a smooth & fast zoom in on the current scene to reveal the next scene.

Each transition can be sped up or slowed down to match your video and create the exact effect that you’re looking for.

Why Transition Your Video with Vidds

It's Easy

Placing a transition between your video clips is such a simple and fast process that it just makes sense to do it. It’s a no-brainer!

Production Value

Use transitions to look professional and improve the production value of your videos. It’s a really fast and easy way to make your videos better.


Video transitions are dynamic and engaging for the viewer to watch. If used correctly you can greatly enhance your story-telling skills too!

Play Video about Add Transitions

Easily add a transition
to your video

Placing transitions between clips in a video is such a simple yet effective way to improve your video production. You get a “lot of bang for your buck”.

Get started by uploading your video clips into the Vidds online video editor. Click the “Add Media” icon above the video canvas and add the first file from your computer. Once you have re-sized the video to fill the screen and set the playback length, go ahead and add a new scene from the Scene List section at the bottom.

Repeat the process of uploading a video clip from your computer to a new scene as many times as you need until your video has all the clips that you want to include.

Next, it’s time to add the transitions to the video. In between each scene thumbnail in the Scene List at the bottom of the editor you will see the transition icon. Click the transition icon between each clip to select the transition that you want to use. The gear icon in the transition selector will let you change the speed/duration of each transition.

Once you are happy with the transitions that you have selected, it’s time to preview your video. 

Go ahead and download the final video by clicking the download button in the top right hand side of the editor. Your video will begin to render and will be ready to download in no time at all!