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Automatically convert your blog to video with the Vidds AI and capture the attention of your audience through the power of video.

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The easy way to convert blog to video

Vidds blog to video converter

Create attention grabbing videos that are ready to share in minutes. With Vidds it easy to convert a blog to video automatically and instantly. Simply copy in your blog article and let the Vidds AI do the rest.

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Blog to Video in 3 simple step

Paste in blog text

Simply copy your blog text from your website and paste it into the Vidds AI generator. Now all you need to do is select how many scenes you’d like in the video and click “summarise”. Vidds now auto-generates a video from your blog, populates each scene with a summary caption and selects relevant stock videos to use.

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Customise video

Easily customise your video! Update the video design by selecting a template from our library of professionally designed ones. Now you can add your brand colours and fonts in one-click. Add music from our library or upload your own. You can even add an AI generated voice over! Plus much much more.

Export & Share

When you’re happy with your blog to video, simply export the video in all the different sizes that you need. Now your ready to share your latest video creation across all your social platforms.

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Why use blog to video?

Unlock the full potential of your digital marketing strategy by converting your blog articles into engaging online videos. This innovative approach not only diversifies your content but also significantly boosts your SEO, driving organic traffic to your website. Online videos are a powerful tool in capturing your audience’s attention, increasing dwell time on your site, and improving your search engine rankings. They also cater to the growing preference for visual content over text, making your brand more accessible and appealing to a wider audience.

Incorporating blog to video creations into your business’s digital marketing strategy is a game-changer. It’s not just about keeping up with the trends; it’s about leveraging them to your advantage. Videos can effectively communicate complex information in a digestible format, making it easier for your audience to understand and remember your message. They also encourage social shares, which can significantly extend your reach and visibility online. So, why not transform your written content into compelling videos and experience the difference it can make to your success.

Other things you can do with Vidds AI

Here are some of the top Vidds features you might not have known about


Adding subtitles to your video is such a simple and fast process, it’s also a great way to make sure that your video is understandable to everyone that watches.

Add Subtitles to video - an ai video editing tool
Auto-Translate video - an AI video editing tools


Working across multiple markets? Automatically translate any of the videos you create in Vidds with the click of a button. Simply select the correct language and click “translate”, it’s that easy.

Text to speech

Generate an AI voiceover for your video. Choose from hundreds of languages with thousands of different voices and accents. It’s the perfect tool to convert your text into speech.

Text to Speech - A Vidds AI video editing tools

All the features you'll ever need

Here are some of the top Vidds features you might not have known about