White Label Video Editor

Give your users access to fast and easy video editing and creation. Discover the Vidds white label video editor and embed directly in your own app.

White Label Video Editor

What is white label video editing?

A white label video editor is a video editing tool that can be licensed and integrated seamlessly within your own branded app or product. It’s the perfect solution for someone that wants to offer video editing to their users without having to spend the time and money developing their own product in house.

White label video editor
your users will love!

With Vidds white-labelling, you’re giving your users a full platform for creating and editing video content.

  • An easy editor that anyone can learn quickly
  • Powerful tools they can grow into
  • Options for the full platform or just the editor
  • Scene templates, customization, video trimming, stock video/images/music, brand kits
  • And so much more!

Integrate your way

Vidds can be integrated as the full platform, or as a stand-alone editor. It can be embedded as a popup modal or as an embedded page. And we’re here to help you with whatever you decide!

1. Full Platform

Give your users a video dashboard, storage, saved videos, and everything Vidds has to offer.

2. Editor Only

Don’t need the full platform? No problem. Drop your users right into a video editor for quick and simple use cases.

Powerful Embedding Features

We provide a simple JS embed with plenty of customization options. We keep the integration simple, so you can focus on what you do best!

  • Small backend requirements with standard tools
  • A quick JS embed with easy customization
  • Events for user actions and renders so your app can react dynamically
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Let's Talk!

If you want to add video creation and editing tools to your app, let’s talk! We’d love to hear your requirements and discuss the details of the Vidds white label video editor.