About Us

We created Vidds to solve one problem, and we are completely focused on this mission: To make video creation and editing fast, easy, and cost effective.

We strive to make Vidds so easy to use, anyone can jump in and create their first video in minutes. We also build features focused on making sure you can scale your video creation by reusing your videos, scenes, and styles.

And we do all of this while making sure we provide plans that are designed to make a cost effective ROI for your business.

We care about our customers, and work hard to provide excellent support and add tools and features that are important to you.

Who is Vidds?

Andrew Walters (Product/Tech)

I am an ex-Google employee who cares deeply about tech and believes the job of software development is to make everyone’s life easier. Vidds is important to me because I’ve struggled through the time it takes to learn and use desktop video editing tools. I love working on Vidds to bring the useful features of those editing tools to a simple, web-based tool.

Andrew Profile Picture - About Us

Ed Thomas (Product/Marketing)

I’m an ex-professional sailor, turned marketer. I cut my teeth as marketing manager for a high-tech boat producer in Stockholm. From there I went on to co-found a stock video platform (VReel) while working as a digital marketing consultant on the side. Over the years my passion for online video continued to develop – then I met Andrew and knew I had to team up with him. Making video creation accessible to everyone resonated with me and working on Vidds allows me to be a part of that mission.

Fun Fact About Us!

We met online in the IndieHackers community forum and we actually live on opposite sides of the Atlantic (Europe & U.S.). Due to the corona virus pandemic, after a year of working together we still have not been able to meet in person.