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The free tool to convert any video file or GIF into web-friendly MP4 file format. If you need to do more, Vidds has a full online video editing app.

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1. Select File

Drag and drop your file into the box above or click in the box to select a file from your device.

2. Choose Options

Your file is automatically converted to a .MP4 file and will be ready to download. You can also choose from other tools by selecting the operation you’d like to perform and clicking the “Go” button.

3. Download Video

Once your file has been processed it will be available to download by clicking the “Download” text underneath the file name.

Convert .MOV to .MP4

Our MOV to MP4 free video converter let’s you take all those pesky .mov files and turn them into their more web-friendly .mp4 cousins. It takes a matter of minutes to convert your file and then it’s ready to download in its new format for you to play, share or edit until your heart’s content!

It get’s better, not only can you convert mov to mp4 but you can also convert any type of video file including GIFs into MP4 video files.

Once you’ve converted your video file, why not give Vidds a try to start editing it and create something awesome to share online.

mov vs mp4 video file converter

About MOV and MP4 File Formats

You might have come across .mov while working with Apple softwares such as QuickTime, it was introduced in 1998 and uses a top secret compression algorithm. It is often quoted as the catalyst to Apple bringing feature length movie quality to their devices.

MP4 has become the international standard for video format and as a result has much more support across the web (accepted and useable in more places). This is one of the many reasons why someone might consider converting their mov file to an mp4 file.