Tweet to Video

Automatically create a video from your Tweet or Thread

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Tweet to Video - Auto Create a Video from a Tweet or Twitter Thread

How to turn a Tweet or Thread into a Video?

1. Copy Tweet Link

Simply copy the public URL of the Tweet or first Tweet in a thread. You do this by clicking the “share” button underneath the Tweet.

2. Paste Link to Vidds

Paste your Tweet link into Vidds. Next choose a design for your video from our template options. There is a selection of different designs with light and dark modes.

3. Download Video

Preview your video to check that you’re happy with it. You can even make customisations: add music, add images, speed-up/slow-down scenes, and more. Then download the video when you’re happy with the finished version.

Why Generate a Video from a Tweet?

  • Did you know that a video Tweet is 6x more likely to be re-tweeted than an image or text Tweet? By turning a Tweet or a thread into a video you tap into the Twitter algorithm and improve your chances of your Tweet going Viral.
  • Give old Tweets and threads a new life. Automatically recycle your old content into a new format that is ready to be shared on your feed again. New content = New engagement & growth.
  • Repurpose your best performing Twitter content into videos, ready to be shared across your other social media accounts like LinkedIn, Instagram & TikTok.
So what is Tweet to Video?

We have built this tool that lets you automatically generate an engaging and animated video from a Tweet or Twitter thread. It’s the perfect way to create new content from old content and profit from social media platform algorithms that favour video content.

  1. Copy Tweet link – click the “share” button under the Tweet and select the “copy link” option.
  2. Paste Tweet link – paste the Tweet link into the box of the Tweet to Video tool.
  3. Choose design – select one of our pre-designed templates for your Tweet to Video.
  4. Customise – customise your video in any way that you choose. Add music, images, transitions, animations and much more.
  5. Preview – watch back your video to make sure you are happy with all the changes.
  6. Download – click the download button in the top right and your video will be ready to share online in a matter of seconds.

Advantages of Creating a Video from a Tweet

It's Easy

Creating a video from your Tweet or thread is automated and easy. The video is ready to share in a matter of minutes.


Video Tweets are 6x more likely to be retweeted according to Twitter HQ


Videos are dynamic for the viewer to watch. It’s a great way to turn a written Tweet into an engaging video Tweet.

Tweet to Video Tutorial

Play Video about Tweet to Video Tutorial Cover Image