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Video: the best way to drop facts

Getting views for your videos is becoming more difficult – you need to get people to care. With so much content being published daily, why should people take the time to watch yours? With Vidds pre-designed template library you can create an engaging and captivating video about any topic of your choice, in minutes. Get people to care by creating a video from one of our beautiful designs – simply update the imagery, text and colours with your own. Vidds makes it easy to create incredible content that people will care about.

What's the deal with News & Informative videos?

News and Informative videos are great for magazines, news networks, non-profits or any organisation that needs to raise awareness and share the stories that matter to them and their followers.

Break down larger news stories into bitesize, digestible video edits to share across your social media or website. Attention is difficult to command, short engaging videos can help improve viewership numbers.

Making news and informative videos is a great way to build brand value across social media. These types of videos are highly engaging and are often shared far and wide, increasing brand recognition

People like consuming news and informative content, it’s a behaviour that has been practiced for generations. The digital revolution hasn’t changed this, just that the method of delivery has been updated. 


Our template library saves you time

1. Select template

A blank canvas can be overwhelming! Start with one of our video templates to get things going. Our pre-designed scenes make creating a video quick, easy and painless. 

2. Customise

Use our customisation tools to easily edit your video. Add images, videos, text and music. Match your brand colours, include your logo and you’re ready to go. With Vidds it’s easy to create the perfect video.

3. Export

Once you’re happy with your video, simply select “download” to render your project. When the video has rendered it will be available to download. After this it will live in your dashboard for whenever you need it again.