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Simple to use AI-powered video editing tools to scale your video production without sacrificing quality.

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Your AI-powered
video creation pipeline

Use our AI video editing tools to produce ideas, develop storyboards and generate complete videos with one-click – the power to create exceptional videos is now at your fingertips.

Idea Generator

Our ChatGpT-powered idea generator will produce video concept for you based on a keyword or phrase. Select a concept you like to auto-generate a completed video. The perfect solution for finding video concepts for both broad and niche topics.

Video Wizard

This powerful tool can generate entire videos based on prompts or keyword phrases. The AI generates text for each scene and performs a stock video search, selecting relevant assets based on the video’s main topics.

Online Editor

Our online editor is intuitive to use, fast to learn and packs a punch. Full of editing features, both basic and advanced, our editor is up to any video creation task. We even have a library of beautiful templates that you can use to kickstart your video designs.

Vidds Easy Online Video Editing UI Overview
Play Video about Vidds Easy Online Video Editing UI Overview

No Timeline Needed

A simplified video creation process that means you can produce more videos, in less time.

What our users are saying

From marketers, to social media managers, to business owners and beyond, Vidds is improving video creation for everyone! But don’t just hear it from us, here’s what our users think of the Vidds easy online video editing tool.

Our templates save you time

We have a library of 100+ pre-designed scene templates for you to use in your video editing. All of our templates can save you time and help you find creative direction to make your video creation more efficient.

Easy Online Video Editing Template 1
Easy Online Video Editing Template 1
Easy Online Video Editing Template 3
Easy Online Video Editing Template 4
Easy Online Video Editing Template 5
Easy Online Video Editing Template 6
Easy Online Video Editing Template 7
Easy Online Video Editing Template 8

Tools & Features

Easily add text to your videos, customise fonts colours and add animations..


Simply give the AI a topic or keywords and it will take care of the rest. It will generate video scenes based on your prompt and even suggest relevant stock video assets for you to use..

Make a video from your images or overlay an image on top of your video. Add animations to keep everything dynamic..


Add stunning filters to really get you video to pop. Our filter settings give you full control over the final look of your video..


Use our smart cropping feature to get your video the size & shape you want. You can even crop into shapes like a perfect circle..

Trim your videos. Set the start and end point of your video to play the exact segment that you want to show..


Add as many video clips into a sequence as you want. Merging different clips into one video is simple with our scene by scene builder. You can even trim each clip individually..

Place awesome transitions between your video scenes for a super smooth professional look. Choose from our transitions and add with one-click!.

Plus loads more awesome video editing features!..