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Easily and quickly add text & captions to video. Customise fonts, add animations and more.

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The easy way to add text to video

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Vidds gives you the ability to add text to your video in a fast and easy way. Type or paste in your text, customise the font styles, change text colour, adjust text size, animate text and more, all in a couple of clicks.

Text in your video can make them appeal to a larger audience. Add text to your videos for a variety of purposes such as, subtitles, call to actions, a coupon code, a caption, descriptions, event info, and much more.

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Add text in 3 steps

1. Upload video

Simply add your video to a project by clicking the “Add Media” icon above the video canvas and selecting  “upload” to choose a file from your computer.

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2. Add text

Next, click the “Add Text” button above the video canvas. Choose from the different types of text element. This immediately adds a text block over the top of your video, ready to be customised

3. Customise text

Update the placeholder text with your own, now you can select your font and stylings. Update the colour, add background box, set text shadow and much more. When you’re happy with how your text looks, you can easily set & cusomise animations for the text.

Add text to video asset 3

How to add text to video

Adding text to your video is super simple with Vidds. Select the “Add Text” tool from above the video canvas. Now you can drag and drop the text element anywhere you like within the video frame. Update the text in the box with your own and customise the stylings the way that you like. You can even choose how and when it enters the video by selecting some “in” and “out” animations and adjusting the timing settings.

Want more than one text box in the video? No problem, add as many as you like. You can even duplicate one you’ve already customised to save yourself time. Customise their positions and when they show up and disappear from the scene and now you’re ready to export your finished video.

Add text to video tutorial

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Why Add Text to Your Video?

1. To be Clear

Add extra context to your video by using written words to make your message clear for every viewer. Captions and subtitles are great tools to accompany a video.

2. Sound Off

Many people watch videos with the sound off on their phones. Adding text to your video means that they can understand what the video is about, even when it’s muted.

3. Impact

Words are powerful. Make a greater impact in your videos by adding text at key moments.

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