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Easily and quickly filter your videos online

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Filter Video Online

Filter your videos online using the powerful Vidds filtering tool. Our simple control lets you create stunning visuals and unique videos with just a few clicks. Filtering videos with Vidds allows you to change the vibe and feeling of a scene so you can engage and wow your viewers. Edit videos with professional colour grading, but without the complexity.

Easily add filters to your videos

Using filters is an easy and powerful way to enhance your video online. Vidds supports the upload and clipping of video files, and our fast filter control lets you completely change the look of your video. You can filter individual images, videos, elements or filter the whole video – with Vidds it’s easy.

How to filter a video online

1. Upload a Video

Upload a video to Vidds in one-click. Either select a file from your own computer or use one from our integrated stock library (it’s free)!

2. Filter the Video

Use our simple slider controls to customise the filter and set look and vibe for your video.

3. Download

When you’re happy with your video simply click “Download” and your video will begin to render. 

Why filter your videos?

1. It's Easy

Filters are an easy way to change the look of your video without becoming a professional colour-grader.

2. Add Style

Adding a filter to your videos allows you to adjust the style of the video or match styles across videos in just a few clicks. 

3. Get Creative

Get creative with your videos. Add filters for an old-school black and white look or add a pop of colour and saturation for the modern travel vlog look. The possibilities are endless.