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Easily Create and Edit
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Want to get more subscribers and grow your YouTube following? The first place to start is with creating great content. With Vidds it’s easy to create professional quality videos for your YouTube channel. Not only is it simple, it’s also quick – this means you can get more content out the door, faster!

In the past, creating great content for YouTube meant having to learn complicated editing software, but not any more! With Vidds it’s quick and easy to create and edit videos that will make you stand out from the crowd.

YouTube - the new Hollywood?

One-billion hours viewed daily on the platform! 

Forget Hollywood stars, the new generation of YouTubers are becoming bigger household names than Pitt, Di-Caprio & Jolie.

Kickstart your dream and start making YouTube videos today. Whether you’re an experienced video creator or have never made a video before, Vidds is the perfect tool to get your YouTube journey started.

Easily edit videos in your browser using content filmed from your camera, phone, laptop, etc it takes only minutes to create awesome videos!

Our template library saves you time

1. Select template

Don’t know where to start?! Use one of our video templates to get the ball rolling. Our pre-designed video scenes make creating a great video for YouTube a piece of cake. Combine multiple scenes to build a more interesting video, it’s as easy as click, drag & drop. 

2. Customise

Use our customisation tools to easily edit your video. Add images, videos, text and music. Match your brand colours, include your logo and you’re ready to go. With Vidds it’s easy to create and edit the perfect video.

3. Export

Once you’re happy with your YouTube video, simply save and render your project. When the video has rendered it will be available to download. All of your previously rendered projects will live in your dashboard for whenever you need them again.

Templates make it easy