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Merge Video Online

Free online video tool
to merge your video clips

Merging clips with Vidds online video editing tool is fast and easy. There’s no need to download complicated and slow video editing software, now you can do everything in your browser.

Sometimes you need to combine multiple clips, images and audio tracks to create the video that tells your story. With Vidds you can combine videos clips to create compilations, presentations, highlight reels, holiday videos and much much more

Whatever type of video you want to make that requires merging videos, Vidds is the solution for you – it’s simple to use and free with no watermarks or restrictions. 

How to merge video clips

1. Upload First Clip

Select the “Add Media” button at the top of the video canvas. This will prompt you to upload a video from your computer. Set the playback time to the full length of the video or select the section you’d like to show.

2. Upload Second Clip

Add a new scene to our video and select the “Add Media” button at the top to upload the second file from your device. Select the playback length of section of the clip you want to show. Repeat this step as many times as you need to combine more video clips.

3. Download Video

When you’ve added as many clips as you want, you can select transitions by clicking the transition icon in the Scene List . Set and customise your transitions, then click Download to begin rendering your video.

Easily combine and join
your video clips

Merge video with Vidds in these simple steps. Start out by uploading your first asset to your video project. Click the “Add Media” button at the top of the video canvas, now you have the option to upload a file from your computer, select a previously uploaded file or choose one of the stock assets that we provide for free. 

Once you’ve uploaded your video you need to select the playback length. Either choose to playback the whole video or trim the section of the clip that you want to show.

Next, add a new scene to your project. In the new scene, upload the next clip that you want to merge in your video. Again set the playback length or trim the section of clip that you want to show. You can also upload images and mp3s to merge into your video.

Add as many new scenes as you like until you’ve combined all the videos that you want. Now you can add transitions between the clips, select from fade, cut, zoom in, zoom out, slide, flip and more. All videos you upload can be trimmed, sped-up, slowed-down and arranged in any order you need.

At this point you can add image overlays, text boxes, filters, background music, voiceovers and more to complete the final version of your video. With Vidds online video editor, users that merge video have so many other powerful video editing features at their fingertips.

Why merge video online with Vidds

It's Easy

Merging video, image and audio files with Vidds is really simple and quick. Simply upload and join your different clips and within a few minutes your video is ready to download.


Being able to join multiple video clips, images and audio tracks gives you a lot of creative freedom to create beautiful engaging videos from multiple assets. Something that a single clip video will rarely achieve.


If you want to create more complex videos and stories, you will need to combine multiple clips into one video. With Vidds is super simple and fast to merge videos even when you have a more complicated creative vision.