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Create scroll stopping videos for your’s or your client’s real estate business. With Vidds it easy to make real estate videos that pop, using our drag and drop editor. You can even start with one of our professionally designed templates. 

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Real estate video maker - 3 simple steps

Select a template

Get inspired by our library of over 100 professionally designed templates. Simply choose a template that you like, then update the texts and media with your own. You can even change styling options like font and colours to match your brand identity.

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It’s a one-click process to resize your video ads. Automatically resize your video into the best format for each platform. Our resize tool does the hard work for you by adjusting all the elements to perfectly fit the resized video. No need for tediously adjusting texts and images to fit the new size of your real estate video, it’s taken care of for you.

Export & Share

When you’re happy with your real estate video, simply export the video in all different sizes. Now your ready to share your latest creation across all social media platforms.

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Why Real Estate Video Maker?

Real estate marketing videos have emerged as a powerful tool for captivating potential buyers and sellers. These visually engaging videos provide a unique insight into properties, allowing viewers to virtually tour homes and get a feel for the space. But why should real estate professionals incorporate videos into their digital marketing strategy? The answer lies in the ability of videos to evoke emotions and create a lasting impression. By showcasing the best features of a property through captivating visuals and compelling storytelling, real estate marketing videos can effectively grab the attention of potential clients and differentiate a brand from competitors.

One of the key advantages of real estate marketing videos is their ability to convey a sense of authenticity and trust. Unlike static images or written descriptions, videos provide a more immersive experience, allowing viewers to visualize themselves in the property. This emotional connection can be a game-changer in the competitive real estate market, as it helps build trust and credibility with potential clients. By showcasing the unique selling points of a property, such as stunning views or luxurious amenities, real estate marketing videos can effectively communicate the value proposition and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Real estate marketing videos have the potential to significantly increase online visibility and reach. Search engines, like Google, prioritize video content in their search results, making it easier for potential clients to discover and engage with real estate brands. By optimizing videos with relevant keywords, tags, and descriptions, real estate professionals can improve their website’s search engine rankings and drive organic traffic. Additionally, videos are highly shareable on social media platforms, allowing them to reach a wider audience and generate valuable backlinks, further boosting a website’s SEO efforts.

Real estate marketing videos are an indispensable tool for any digital marketing strategy in the real estate industry. By leveraging the power of visuals, storytelling, and emotional connection, these videos can effectively engage potential clients and differentiate a brand from competitors. With Vidds is quick and easy to create real estate videos, with our drag and drop editor it’s easier than preparing a presentation. In fact, the video you create will become your presentation of the property and be a key resource in helping you make more sales.

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