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Become a video ninja with Vidds – turn all of your videos into GIFs with our Video to GIF Converter, it takes one click!

Convert Video to GIF

Convert your Video to a GIF

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1. Select File

Drag and drop your file into the box above or click in the box to select a file from your device.

2. Select Convert

Once you’ve selected the convert option, simply check the box next to “Animated GIF”.

3. Download Video

Once your video file has been processed and made into a GIF it will be available to download by clicking the “Download” text underneath.

Bonus - Trim Video

You can even trim your video before converting it to a GIF to make sure you get the exact section of video that you want.

*No credit card required – amazing free option

GIF-ing Videos

“Son of a GIF!” I hear you cry. “Is it really this quick and easy to make GIFs from my videos?”.

It sure is… take any video and covert it into a GIF with one click.

Why turn a video into a GIF?

  • Viral
  • Sharable
  • Downright blow-your-mindable

The verdict is in and GIFs are awesome! Broaden your content creation horizons and create amazing GIFs with Vidds GIF maker.

The art of creating a viral GIF has previously been complicated & time-consuming, well not anymore! Using Vidds you can convert a video to a GIF in a matter of seconds.

Want more power and control over creating GIFs? The Vidds online video editor lets you convert any image or video file into a gif. You can use an image or video that you already have on your phone or computer, or you can use the stock media that we’ve added for free. Add animated texts, shapes and elements to make it more engaging and standout from the crowd!

Convert Video to GIF

About video to GIFs

GIFs are old school, like 1987 old school. They work in many places on the web where a video cannot and have been adopted by many of the major social media platforms. Just check out Giphy for inspiration

Why use GIFs?

They’re Simple. GIFs are a fun and easy way to share content online, and they often go viral – which gives you kudos!

Make Email Great Again. GIFs love to live in emails, stop sending users away to YouTube or Vimeo to see what’s going on. Keep the content and the user in the mailbox!

Creativity! GIFs are a creative way to host videos on websites & email and to share across social media. Plus they loop and look really cool!