AI Video Generator

Create professional & engaging videos using powerful AI

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Automate your video creation

Let our AI generate ideas, video scripts and even full videos ready to share online in minutes.

Simply give the AI a topic or keywords and it will take care of the rest. It will generate video scenes based on your prompt and even suggest relevant stock video assets for you to use.

Now all you need to do is select a theme, set your brand colors & choose which video size you want (landscape, portrait or square).

How to use the AI Video Generator

Our AI video generator is extremely powerful at taking your prompt and turning it into an engaging and professional video.

1. Prompt

Give the AI a topic or keywords and then choose whether it produces bullet points, headlines or paragraphs of content.

2. Customize

Select a theme for your video scenes, add in your brand kit (fonts and colors) and select the video size you want.

3. Create

Happy with the video? Click “Create” and to be taken to the Vidds editor, now you can make final changes or directly download your video.

AI Video Generator Example

AI Video Generator Prompt

Prompt: I want to generate 5 points that are short bullet points about “Video Marketing Trends 2023”

Powerful AI Videos

The Vidds AI will generate video text for you on any topic you choose, plus it will also suggest video assets for you to use in the video. All this means that you can have a great looking video on any topic in under a minute! ⚡️

How will AI change video creation?

Having AI in your corner will ease the creative process and really speed up the “ideas” phase of creating a video. By generating ideas, scripts and even the video text itself, the ability to output more engaging, interesting and professional videos becomes reality.

We asked the AI why people should use AI to create videos and here’s what it said…

First, AI can help you create videos that are more dynamic and engaging. Second, AI can help you create videos quickly and easily. Third, AI can help you create videos that are more creative and unique.

So there we have it, AI videos are going to be more dynamic and engaging, faster and easier to create, and more creative and unique. 

Try our AI Video Generator Today

We’re are currently in a closed BETA of our AI video generator. If you’d like to be an early adopter and test out this awesome new feature please get in touch and we can add you to the waitlist.

Once the closed BETA is complete we will be running an open BETA, which means that anyone with an active Vidds account will be able to try out the AI video generator.

Use the button below to request early access and join our BETA waitlist.