How to Add Scene Transitions

How to Add Scene Transitions Cover image

Adding scene transitions to your videos is a piece of cake with Vidds, simply follow the steps below to find out how to add scene transitions.

In Vidds there are currently 6 scene transitions to choose from:

  1. Cut 
  2. Fade
  3. Slide
  4. Flip
  5. Blast Out
  6. Blast In

Scene transitions are a great way to increase the production value of your videos and give them that polished professional look. It’s amazing that something so simple can have such a big effect on the end result of a video.

Let’s get started with adding transitions to your videos.

Step 1 - Add a Scene Transition

To add a scene transition, you need to have multiple scenes added to your video project. Once you’ve added your scenes and customised each one in the way that you want, it’s time to add the transitions.

  • Click the “scene transition” icon between scene thumbnails in the scene list at the bottom of the video editor (highlighted with a red box in the image below). 
Scene Transition Icon

Step 2 - Select your Transition

Select one of the Scene Transitions from the list of six options.

  • Hover your mouse over the scene transition you’d like
  • Click to select the transition, once the button turns blue
Select Scene Transition

Step 3 - Set the Transition Timing

  • Click on “gear” icon next to the transition you chose
  • Move the slider left and right to increase or decrease the length of the transition
  • Click “Apply” to make sure your changes are made

Now that you’ve learned how to add scene transitions to your video, it’s time to learn more skills to level up your video creation game. Use the link below to learn how to animate your texts to make your videos look awesome!