How To Animate Text in Videos

How to Animate Text in Videos with Vidds

Animating text in Videos is one of the most common reasons people want to edit videos online, and Vidds makes it easy! Even better – once you know how to animate text, you can also animate images, videos, and shapes in Vidds using the exact same tools.

How easy? Let’s see!

Templates with text animated already

Before we get started, it’s worth mentioning that Vidds has tons of great templates with text already animated and ready to go. You can select the template (or templates) you like, plug in your own text, and it’s already animated for you.

Our templates are also customizable, which means you can change the animations for each text element to make it animate just the way you like it!

Text Animation Templates

A small sample of our animated scenes. Whether you want video or image content, or minimalist, pure text animations, we’ve got you covered!

Adding some text

The first step is to add the text that you want. Simply click the add text button and Vidds creates a text element for you. Next, update the placeholder text, resize and reposition the text element. You can then change settings like the font, letter spacing and color to make it look great.

On to the animations!

Vidds has 3 animations you can apply to your text:

  • In: How the text animates in
  • Out: How the text animates out
  • Highlight: An animation between the two that can bring the viewer’s attention to the text

With your text element selected, you simply click the dropdown you want to change (In, Out, or Highlight), and then select the animation you want to use.

Additionally you can update the “style” which allows you to animate the text in/out by character, word or line. You can leave this as default to have all the text element animate all at the same time.

Animation Options

Vidds has a list of animations you can apply to your text. We definitely recommend you play around with different options – they can help contrast elements, or even change the feeling of your video.

Here’s a list of the animations:

  • None: No animation.
  • In Scene Down: Moves the text down the entire height of the screen.
  • Fade: Fade it in/out
  • Up, Down, Left and Right: Animate in the direction selected.
  • Down Right: Animate the text down and to the right.
  • Scale Down: Animate the text from tiny to it’s size, or animate it out to a small size.
  • Scale Up: This is a kind of “blast” in or out, where it scales from a large size in to it’s position, or scales up and fades out.
  • Skew Right: Animates the text in right, but skews the text to give it a speedy look.
  • Bounce Up, Down, Left and Right: Just like the other positional animations, but gives them a fun, light, bouncy look.

It’s much easier to try them out than to read about them. But maybe you’d prefer to see some of them in action. Here’s a video showing them off.

Changing the Text Animation Speed

You can also change how fast the text and other elements in your scene animate, and it’s equally easy.

In the scene settings on the left, you can simply drag the Animation Time slider. If it’s under 1 second, it will look fast-paced and speedy, and over 2 seconds or so and it starts to look calm and tranquil.

Mix and Match!

That’s all there is to text animations with Vidds, but the real value comes from trying it out and learning what looks good to you!

Because it’s so easy, you can swap them out, match or contrast them with other elements in your scenes, and find the perfect animations for your videos!

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