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Become a video ninja with Vidds and add text & images to your video or convert file format and create gifs

Vidds Free Online Video Editor

Edit Your Videos for Free

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1. Select File

Drag and drop your file into the box above or click in the box to select a file from your device.

2. Choose Options

Select an option to edit your video: “Trim/Clip”, “Add Text & Image Overlay” “Resize” and “Convert” then simply click the “Go” button.

3. Download Video

Once you’ve edited your video the file will be processed and be available to download by clicking the “Download” text underneath the file name.

Powerful Free
Online Video Editor

Need a video editor with more features and tools than our simplified one on this page? Then you should definitely check out our main app, “the Vidds Creator“. It’s a powerful online video editor with a really great free option. You can use templates to quickly and easily build videos, scene by scene. The editing features allow you to add media elements, custom texts, animations, advanced timings – everything you need to create stunning video content.

Whether you’re a seasoned video editing ninja or a first time creator, Vidds is designed to help you make awesome video content quickly and easily. By distilling advanced editing features into a free online video editor, Vidds is the perfect tool to help you take your video creation to new levels.

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Why Use a Free Online Video Editor

It’s fun, fast and easy. Without needing to use a timeline!

We’re tired of traditional video editing software that takes time to learn and makes everything so complicated. Sometimes it feels like you need a PhD to just add a little bit of simple text to a video. This is why we created Vidds to solve this problem and make video editing the easiest and fastest it has ever been. 

Vidds has many of the tools and features of a traditional video editing software (Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, etc), but without any difficulty in being able to use it. It’s easy for everyone from the first time you log in to create video.