How our Video went Viral on Reddit

How our Video went Viral on Reddit

How our video went viral on reddit - screemshot

How I took the #1 spot in r/bitcoin

N.B. Don’t read this if you’re not willing to experiment and take some risks with your Reddit account.

Growth hacking is hard, and marketing on reddit is even harder. Reddit users are exceptionally savvy to spotting that wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing hidden marketing message and they don’t take well to them.

It’s also difficult since “open” subreddits don’t bring the value you’d expect. Turns out that everyone knows they’re about self-promotion and posts there rarely perform well.

The holy-grail is the large, active subreddit where your post has the opportunity to go viral and get shared around other subreddits.

Viral video post - subreddit member info

The Viral Formula

So, how did I manage to get a video to 5.5K upvotes and 304 comments in 24 hours?

  1. Identify an active subreddit where videos perform well
  2. Pick a culturally relevant topic that will resonate with this audience
  3. Create a meme that includes humour and a truth about this community

The Specifics

1. Finding the right subreddit shouldn’t be too hard, you’re looking for a large number of members and a significant amount online at any one time. I chose r/bitcoin which has 2.7m members and upwards of 10k online at any given time. Another thing to look for is if this subreddit is posting a lot of video content and how well those posts generally perform. You want to see upvotes in the thousands and comments in the hundreds from previous posts, and these kind of numbers need to be the rule not the exception. It should also be a subreddit that contains your target audience

2. Reddit is a community which has its finger on the pulse, it’s exceptionally culturally relevant and this is reflected in the posts that perform well. It’s important to angle your post at something that is important to this audience right now. For my post, I highlighted the volatile nature of bitcoin and did so a time when a lot of people were starting to join the crypto movement and not only this, it was during the “bull-run” up to Bitcoin’s highest ever price.

3. Memes distill a feeling, emotion or sentiment that is experienced by a set or subset of society into a piece of short-form digital content, often an image or video with accompanying text. I created a video that utilised a scene from a well known film where a family ride a rollercoaster. I added the caption “When you finally buy into bitcoin”. This meme had multiple layers that would speak to different people.
– The visual comparison of the bitcoin journey to a rollercoaster ride
– The caption providing context and humour to the current bitcoin situation
– The famous clip itself creates nostalgia and makes people reminisce (John Candy was in the scene)

Top Tip. Include your logo as a faded watermark or as final scene to bring some brand awareness and give yourself credit when the video is shared around


This strategy worked for us in this subreddit because our product helps people create videos and memes so we are specifically targeting active audiences that enjoy memes and video content and are therefore likely creating this kind of content themselves. So it’s important to find subreddits where the members would actually have use for your product or services.

This tactic boosted my karma to over 4.0k in 24 hours which gives a lot of karma juice to use across the Reddit platform.

The increased traffic was noticeable from this experiment but it didn’t blow us away, I think if we’d picked a more video editing or content marketing focused subreddit we might have seen better results. But the increase in karma has been exceptionally valuable in terms of social-proof across my other posts and comments since (not sure if I’ve just got better at creating engaging content or if this has helped?).


See the original post here.


Top Video Trends and Ideas 2021

Top Video Trends and Ideas 2021

A complete guide to the top video trends and ideas for 2021

It’s been true on the web for 10+ years: If you want to make money online, you need to learn how to capture, and keep, attention.

We’re all learning how to do it consistently. Whether it’s on social media, a landing page, product page, advertisement, or YouTube, the goal is always the same. Get someone’s attention quickly, then make sure the content engages them enough so they hang around to see what you have to say.

Videos are definitely at the top of the list now. Even a plain text video with the exact same content you’d put in a post or page copy catches the eye with movement, and it can easily be augmented with images and videos. You always know exactly how it will look to every user.

So what are the top video styles early this year?

E-Commerce Product Videos

Close to my heart, from working with Shopify store owners, are e-commerce product videos. When I see a product online, the first thing I do is look for a video. Whether it’s a pair of socks or a high-end laptop, I want videos that tell me about the product.

Generally, marketers say to start with the benefits the product provides – how it improves the purchasers life. Luckily, with video, you can do that and link it to things like quality, comfort, and specifications.

An opening scene can be used to intrigue the viewer using questions or a statement with a solution. Use media, whether an image or a video, to intrigue them by showing part of the product, or blur/darken it as a background.

If you use high quality materials, be sure to highlight it in your video – just a single close-up, in-focus image or 2-3 second recording can work wonders on convincing a viewer that you backup your claims.

Have happy purchasers? Show testimonials! New to the industry? Create quotes from you or your employees that show you know what you’re doing. And if at all possible, show a human face – it gives a huge boost to credibility!E-Commerce videos do a few things really well: They are fast attention grabbers, they build trust and authority, and they get viewers interested enough to see what else is on the page – the product information and Buy buttons.

Product and Service Explainers

We like to think that our tagline is enough to get people to read what’s on our landing page, but that visitor may have just looked at 10 similar products, and their mind might’ve turned to goo.

If there’s one way to overcome that, it’s with video. You can easily mix text, images, audio, and video clips together to make your explanation clear and concise.

As usual, you can make a clear problem statement or question that speaks to your visitors, and affirm that you can solve it.

Follow it up with clear examples of it being used, the results it provides, how it benefits them, or other pertinent information.

Just like e-commerce, quotes and testimonials always help inspire confidence with social proof.

Don’t worry if you can’t fit your entire app, service, etc, into a single video. Hit the high points so they are encouraged to find what they need on your website.

Industry News and Editorial

A social media account that is just trying to sell something is hardly social at all! Talking about your industry and interests helps remedy that.

Maybe there’s some new tech you’re using where you can explain how it makes a product more precise, last longer, or cost less. What about exposing issues that you believe should be addressed? Is the industry making progress to be more clean or promote social welfare?

News and editorial content can help keep your followers interested in what you post, rather than feeling worn down.

And if you like, you can use it to encourage comments. It’s always nice to see “What do you think about this?”

Behind The Scenes

We live in a crazy, inter-connected world, and that drives all of us to seek out information about what we care about.

A behind the scenes look at part of a process, a quick explanation, or even catching a glimpse of employees or CEOs can make us feel more connected to who we buy from or listen to, and helps humanize you.

Keep watching this space. While some strive to show an almost robotic public face, customers are increasingly seeking out authenticity.

Inspirational Quotes and Stories

Just like the behind the scenes style videos, inspirational quotes and stories connect us to those we’re following and purchasing from. It shows a human side.

These style videos may not be new, but they’re still very effective.

To some, inspirational quotes just seem like a cheesy poster on a wall, but if you get the tone right and hit at the right time, they can truly change someone’s perspective, and do exactly what they say – Inspire them to do something.

Stories may have some of the same effects, but they can also be used to simply engage your social media followers and help give them a reprieve from what is often a feed of worries and cynicism.

If you’re the one who consistently brightens someone’s day or inspires them to action, they’re going to be fans for a long time to come.

Curiosity, Questions, and Thinkers

Sometimes, we don’t just want to have a horde of followers, but also want to learn from them, and show that they’re engaged with you to someone new.

Asking questions, hinting at a solution (or multiple solutions), and encouraging curiosity can trigger the “I. Must. Respond.” response.

Visually demonstrate a problem you have and show some potential solutions. Ask what their favorite feature is, or what their biggest problem is with a product, industry, etc.This is a quick way to get to the “talk to, not at, your audience” frame of mind. Video is the icing on the cake that gets them to stop and think instead of scrolling past.

Content/Podcast Clips

The next cliche to get through is “show, don’t tell.” Especially so if you’re a content business. These videos are often simple and easy to produce.

Take existing content, add a clip to a video, maybe an intro/outro scene, and you’re done! Make sure it’s a great clip – if you show a clip of the dull parts so the juicy bits are buried deep, somewhere else, they’re more likely to think you don’t produce interesting content.

But it’s also fine to cut out the resolution, or the most exciting part. Cliff-hanger dramas are being mass-produced now for a reason. Our version of “In the next episode…” is “Listen to the full podcast episode” or “We’ll show you exactly how this is solved in our full course!”

Conscious Business - Forward Thinking

As has been mentioned already, your brand has a running equity with your users on social media and elsewhere. Is the end result of watching or reading your posts a feeling of despair, guilt, and anguish? No way! No matter what happens, you want your followers to feel happy, excited, or up-beat about how you’ll help.

One way to do this is to show you have a conscience. Similar to other methods of giving your business a touch of humanity, this shows that you care and you want to give back.

Obviously, depending on your audience (or audiences!) and culture, you can do this in a myriad different ways. Greenness, serving your locality, helping individuals, etc, there are plenty of ways to highlight that you are looking forward to great things to come.

Miss something?

Let us know if we missed a key trend or style of video that you think is going to be popular in 2021. This is isn’t an exhausted list and we love the opportunity to add to articles and learn something new.

Conclusions of the top video trends and ideas 2021

The key takeaway for 2021 video trends and ideas is that it’s going to as important as ever (if not more so) to engage your audience with your authentic voice.

In the vast ocean of content it’s more and more difficult to stand out from the crowd. People are over-exposed to videos and they want to see content that resonates with them and their beliefs. 

So whatever video content you end up creating, make sure that it speaks to your values and gives your audience the opportunity to engage with you at a level far below surface impressions.

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Facebook Ad Video Sizes

Facebook Ad Sizes

Facebook Ad Video Sizes Up to date Facebook Ad Video Sizes Facebook Ads are a powerful tool for any brand or business. Not only can

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What is an online video editor and how does it work?

What is an online video editor and how does it work?

A complete guide: Discover what an online video editor is and how does it work

If you’re a small business, you might be thinking a lot more about videos these days. They engage viewers, show authority, social media companies promote video content, and they look great in a feed. Whether it’s on social media, landing pages, product pages, or blogs, videos add a unique and satisfying element to content.

Large companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for ad campaigns and creative content, which usually end with videos. But we don’t have that kind of budget, so we need a way to <link? create simple content ideas> and bring them to life on a budget.

Desktop video editors are complex beasts (like we say, you shouldn’t need a phd to create great video content), and online video editors are bringing easy to use tools to market quickly.

We want to make creating videos just as easy as creating social media images and graphics.

At, we focus on making it dead simple to complete these tasks. Here are some of the things Vidds is great at, and all accomplished online, in your browser:

  • Creating videos without video content. Making it easy to animate text and images into beautiful videos.
  • Clipping your video content. Take a video from your phone or camera, and clip it so it only plays back the parts you want.
  • Combining both of the above. Using your video clips and content, mixing it with text, images, and designs to make professional content.
  • Beautiful, customizable scenes. Pre-designed scenes that look great and highlight your content in unique ways, animated to fit together.

The problem is, most online video editors require you to learn how to use timelines, which also take a lot of time to get just right. Or, alternatively, they have nice video designs but have absolutely no flexibility beyond changing some text or images.

At Vidds, our goal is to build a web-based editor to make most things easy, and the hard things possible.

So now you know what an online video editor is, how does it work, exactly?  We want to show you just how easy it is to create a video, right in your browser!

Starting with scenes

We break up each video into “scenes.” This is just a list of each part of your video, like an intro scene, your content, outros, and more.

We have a ton of predesigned themes that look great, but each one is customizable so you can change text, images, videos, colors, fonts, and more. You can remove elements (text, videos, images, shapes, etc) that you don’t want, and you can also add more elements if it needs more style.

Pre-designed Template Video editing

(A sample of some of the designs in Vidds)

It is crazy easy to work with Vidds because of the scenes. We auto-calculate how long it should be based on the videos and text, and make it really easy to add as many scenes as you want to get your point across.

If you don’t need a design and just want to include a video or clip, you can use a Custom design, add your video, and resize it to cover the full canvas.

That’s all I need to know about "What is an online video editor and how does it work?"

Yeah, kind of! It really is that easy to use Vidds to create videos. Add scenes, customize the content, and you’ve got yourself a well-crafted video!

It’s not often you can just drop in new content and an editor knows what to do with it, and we’re extremely excited to see what everyone does with our editor.

But like I said above, while we aim to make most things easy, we also want to make the hard things possible. The features of Vidds don’t end here.

We’ve taken all of the common video tasks and made them as easy to take care of as possible!

Clipping/Trimming Videos

We have 2 clever ways of integrating videos with your scene: If you’re adding a video as a background or stylistic element, you can set the playback to “Automatic” – so it just plays back the video as long as the rest of the content in the scene.

If it’s the primary content, you can tell it to play back the entire video, so the scene will last as long as your video.

But there’s one more. Say you’ve recorded a 1 minute video, but there’s only a 10 second clip in the middle that you want to display. We have a really easy clip tool to do just that!

Online Video Editor 2

Background Music

We have a curated list of background music in various genres to fit your video, so you can give it that extra style. You literally just click through our music selection to listen, select the one you like, and Vidds adds it to your video!

What is an online video editor and how does it work? 3

Logo Overlays

If you want to show your logo through your entire video, we also make that really easy! It’s just another setting – choose the image, select the palcement (and adjust the size or offsets if you need to tweak it a bit) and you’re set!

What is an online video editor and how does it work? 4

Audio Mixing

Audio mixing sounds complicated – you’ve got background music that’s playing too loud, or you have multiple videos in different scenes and one is louder than the other. You’d think that’s a pain to fix, but we provide a volume control for each video or audio track so you can adjust it, then play it back to make sure it’s just right.

GIF Support

Need to make memes, short content, or videos to share in an e-mail? No problem, when you click to download your video, just switch it to GIF and we’ll do it for you! Instant shareable video content.

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How to make videos when you don’t have content

How to make videos when you don't have content

A guide to help you make videos when you don't have any of your own content!

We’ve all been there – we want to engage our audience, promote a product or service, but we don’t have a lot of content.

Luckily, it’s so much easier to work around this problem now! There are tons of resources at the tip of your finger, and we try to help directly within your Vidds account.

First, have a goal

Remember that your goals in the future rely on maintaining good relationships. It’s important to make sure that your videos have a goal, and the goal actually helps your users. Promoting your products and services does help your audience, especially if you have the right mix of informing, entertaining, and promoting.

If you’re looking to increase your audience or engagement, informing and entertaining are great ways to get those eyeballs, likes, and shares. This might be a funny post about your industry or expertise, a behind the scenes look at how something is done, or a quote from someone. In practice, that might look like a meme, a testimonial, a quick screencast of how you accomplish a task, or recording of how your product is made.

When you’re trying to get the sale, promote your product! Of course it’s great to offer a promotional code, but that isn’t necessary. Show your existing images and videos, explain the benefits of the product, answer a question about it, etc. Social media content has a short lifespan, so don’t be afraid to reuse your content occasionally!

Creating the video!

After you have a goal and a video in mind, it’s time to start creating! This is where Vidds will really help you shine! The videos created are meant to engage your audience and keep them watching.

Start with your text and layouts

Vidds breaks down your video into “scenes” – each one is an animated design and layout. It might include a word or two, a sentence, details of a coupon code, event details, or an entire paragraph.

The great thing is, while Vidds categorizes scenes (like Beauty, Brand, Lifestyle, Science & Tech, etc), they’re completely customizable, so you can find the layout that’s perfect for your content, then swap out content and styles.

By starting with your text and layout, it’ll give you some space to think about what other content will go well with that text.

Add Images to Your Video

So you’ve created the scenes that get your point across in text. Now’s the time to find visual content to make your video stand out.

Maybe you found a scene that already has the perfect background or foreground. Congrats, your job is done!

But if not, it’s time to get searching! The Vidds integrated Stock Media search will help you find a great video or image.

Finding the right stock media is easier than it might seem. The subject of the media isn’t usually your exact product or service. It’s more likely to be related to one of the following:

  • The setting it’s used in: Maybe it’s in nature or the outdoors, a classroom/auditorium, around the house, or out in the city.
  • What it accomplishes: Does it make you comfortable or safe? Maybe it’s about the adrenaline rush and excitement. Or maybe it will make you more successful in the workplace, make for a great vacation, or promote better health.
  • The general mood and vibe: Vibrant and exciting? Bold and outgoing? Relaxing? Romantic?
  • And more: How about your brand’s style? Maybe you like a retro feel, or you’re high tech, stylish vs down to earth.

Most of these translate directly to a quick search term. Nature, beaches, and waterfalls? Concerts, night life, city, countryside? Fashion, beauty, health? Cell phones and computers, science and technology, medical research? Try a couple quick searches and start plugging them in! [Check out our 2021 guide to stock video sites here]

Found the perfect photo, but wish it were a video?

Of course, we usually want video content within our videos, but sometimes a picture fits the goal of a video better. If it’s looking a little dull, be sure to try adding the “Zoom” highlight animation. It adds some slow movement to the image you’ve chosen, which might just complete your scene!

Go for a minimalist video

One last option is to go minimalist. It might not work for all videos, but sometimes, using minimalist scenes with little or no video/image content looks great and really highlights your text content! Solid color backgrounds and big, bold text with simple shapes and underlines can look amazing. Vidds includes some minimalist scenes you can start with.

You can enhance minimalist themes further by playing with different animations. Mix and match the animation in for color backgrounds and text to allow them to flow together or contrast each other. Try different animations out, or leave some as “None” so they stick around.

You might be surprised just how much you like them, and how your audience appreciates straight-forward content!

Still stuck? Let’s go through some quick tips

  • I have image/video content, but not text.
    Adding a ton of text isn’t always the right answer. It’s ok to be a brand of few words. Use one or two words that describe your product and highlight what it is. Your audience can create their own story 🙂
  • I still want more text content!
    Follow similar brands and influencers. Look at their old posts that did well and imitate those. No need to plagiarize when there’s plenty of content out there for inspiration!
    Use your previous blog content, product/service descriptions and previous posts to round out the content. You don’t need to rewrite every sentence for every new post!
  • The scene is too fast for my calm mood, or too slow for my exciting content.
    Vidds allows you to control the animation speed of each scene. An animation speed of 1 second or less is going to move quickly, and once you move above 2 seconds or so, it’ll mellow out quite a bit.
  • How else can I set the mood?
    Use the right color for your text and outlines. Play with fonts and sizes. Use sharp or blurred shadows. Add rectangular outlines that are sharp and thin or rounded and large.
  • I want more content of my own!
    People love to see real content that doesn’t look like it’s been manipulated. Don’t be afraid to record a quick 360 of your product, goof around with it in different environments, and don’t be afraid of your poor video/photo skills (although you should make sure it doesn’t look like it’s hiding anything!) You can start with small photos or create a 3-5 second clip of your product in an existing scene.
    You can hide any recording flaws with text or borders 🙂
  • How do I optimize for longer engagement?
    Try to prolong your text. Your first scene could be a simple question or statement that is true of your audience, such as “It’s so hard to find the right X” or “Do you have trouble with Y?” Follow up with related content. If you’re promoting your product, make statements about how it helps. If you’re entertaining or informing, use common formats like “5 Tips for Improving.”
  • Social Proof!
    Yes! Obviously followers and likes help, but you can quote your customers and followers in your scenes. And if you’re starting out, you can quote influencers if it’s related to your video content

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Facebook Ad Sizes

Facebook Ad Video Sizes

Up to date Facebook Ad Video Sizes

Facebook Ads are a powerful tool for any brand or business. Not only can you reach users on Facebook but you can have your ads seen across all of their networks, this includes Facebook, Instagram, Stories, Messenger, Audience Network and more!

That’s a lot of opportunity to have your advert seen by your potential customers. But how do you optimise your videos for Facebook Ads to make them stand out in the flow of content and get more clicks? The first step is to ensure that you’re using the right aspect ratios and sizes in the right places.

Below is a breakdown of what size video you’ll need for each place your Facebook Ad is show.

Right Column:

While technically not a video ad placement, the Facebook right column is the OG of ad placements, and therefore couldn’t be left off our list. It was the first place that Facebook allowed users to advertise their businesses and was so successful that Facebook expanded their advertising business model.

  • 16:9 aspect ratio (will crop to 1.91:1)
  • 1200 x 628 recommended size
  • Image format: PNG or JPG

The Feed:

The Facebook feed is your opportunity to grab someone’s attention while they’re scrolling through the endless stream of content. It’s not easy to standout from the noise and engage a user so that they click your add. A video can increase your chances of reaching your Facebook Ads goal.

  • Vertical 4:5 aspect ratio
  • 1080 x 1350 recommenced size
  • Format mp4 or .mov
  • For images go for a 1:1 aspect ratio and 1080 x 1080 size, format JPG or PNG


What better way to capture new customers than by showing them your product or service when they are already in a buying mindset. The Facebook Marketplace Ad placement is a great way to engage users and get more clicks through to your site.

  • Vertical 4:5 aspect ratio
  • 1080 x 1350 recommended size
  • Format mp4 or .mov

Stories (including Messenger):

Stories have been the story of 2019 & 2020, with Facebook increasingly pushing the adoption of stories across their platforms. With this increased adoption has come an increase in advertising potential, as more users watch stories there is more opportunity to get your advert in front of eyes..

  • Full Height Vertical 9:16
  • 1080 x 1920 recommended size
  • Format mp4 or .mov


Acquired by Facebook in 2012, Instagram rolled out adverts towards the end of 2013 and haven’t looked back since. The first place that you would have seen ads back then was the feed. As an inherently more visual platform Instagram is the perfect place to capture the attention of users with videos ads.

  • Vertical 4:5 aspect ration
  • 1080 x 1350 recommended size
  • Format mp4 or .mov


The place where Instagram curates content for its users based on their preferences and past usage. This is a great place to run adverts as users are in the mindset of searching for something new. You can reach them with your advertising and generate more clicks through to your website, app or landing page.

  • Vertical 4:5 aspect ratio
  • 1080 x 1350 recommended size
  • Formtat mp4 .mov


Inspired by the stories format of Snapchat, instagram rolled out this feature and gained a whole load of snapchat users in the process. The premise is content that is only live for 24hours before it is removed, this allows users to tell real-time stories to engage their followers. With a huge daily user activity, Stories are an incredibly powerful way to capture the attention of your potential customer.

  • Full height vertical 9:16
  • 1080 x 1920 recommended size
  • Format mp4 or .mov

Now that you know all the Facebook Ad video sizes and that video ads are a great way to generate leads for your business, it’s time to start making some. Vidds is an easy way to create video ads and download them in all the different sizes in a matter of minutes. Simply create your advert using our pre-designed templates or start from scratch and build your own. Then export your video in all sizes ready to upload across all platforms.

Vidds is the easiest and quickest way to create videos online. Our browser based video editor allows you to create all kinds of videos and download them ready to be used within minutes. The drag and drop interface makes it simple to add text, videos, images and logos to customise your video and wow your audience.


Best Stock Video Sites 2021

Best Stock Video Sites 2021

A complete guide to the Best Stock Video Sites in 2021 (original content from

Twenty-twenty was a year filled with uncertainty, restrictions and disruptions to not only our professional, but personal lives too. The creative industries felt the full force of the pandemic with cut budgets, travel bans and much more. Film sets were shut down, agencies went remote and freelancers lost clients. As a result, we saw an increase in stock video sites and an increase in demand for tools that assisted our remote working. It looks like this year is set for much of the same, so here is our complete guide to the best stock video sites for 2021.

In this article we’ll reveal our list of top 5 free stock video sites and top 5 paid stock video sites.

Top 5 Paid Stock Video Sites

VReel have been working really hard over the past year to build their platform into a really great stock video site. What started out as a site exclusively for drone footage has now expanded to offer “regular stock“. Their regular stock is provided in series. This means that every scene is shot from multiple angles giving you far more power to tell great stories when editing your videos.

Not only have they expanded their offering, but they also increased their contributor commissions – making them one of the fairest stock video sites in terms of contributor earnings! All contributors now earn 50% commission on all one off purchases of their footage.

On the VReel site you can purchase footage in two ways:

  1. One-off Purchase
    – 4K = €59 per video
    – 1080p HD = €35 per video
    – 720p HD = €19 per video
    – 480p SD = €12 per video
  2. Monthly Subscriptions
    – 5 videos = €69 per month [€13.80/video]
    – 10 videos = €129 per month [€12.90/video]
    – 25 videos = €299 per month [€11.96/video]
    – 50 videos = €499 per month [€9.98/video]

These prices make VReel one of the best value stock video sites .

So for affordable, incredible drone footage from all over the globe, which will bring you value across all your video projects and a growing library of normal stock series, look no further than VReel.

Also a fairly newcomer to the stock footage industry, Artgrid bring exceptionally high quality footage via annual subscriptions. Launched by the well known music licensing site, marks their journey into the world of footage. The nice thing about Artgrid is that they work with many professional filmmakers, directors and content creators. There’s something very “arty” about all the clips, and the collections of footage are impeccably shot – covering multiple angles, giving you full power when you edit.

Artgrid is only available on an annual subscription, but they do have three different tiers depending on your needs:

  1. Junior HD $299/year
    – HD clips, H264 format, unlimited downloads
  2. Creator 4K+ $479/year
    – 4K – 8K clips, ProRes format, unlimited downloads
  3. Pro RAW/LOG $599/year
    – Raw/Log clips in 4K – 8K, ProRes format, unlimited downloads

When broken down into monthly costs, Artgrid becomes an exceptionally value driven proposition. At approximately $40/month for unlimited downloads (capped at 40/day) this value is almost unmatched by other stock video sites. Better still, the quality of the footage makes it a great choice for video editors that need more emotion driven, engaging clips.

One of the larger stock video sites, Pond5 have a huge library of over 20 million clips. They offer footage in HD quality starting from $25 and have licenses which can cover your different needs. Their library is conveniently split into popular, categories & collections to help make finding the clip you need easier.

Pond5 pricing and licensing comes in a few different shapes and sizes, here’s the run down on what they offer.


  1. Personal (included in sale price)
    – Frequently used with sizzle reels, social media and similar projects
    – Download can be used by 1 individual on the project
  2. Business (+€139)
    – Frequently used with tv broadcasts, regional advertising and similar projects
    – Download can be used by up to 5 people on the project
  3. Premium (+$279)
    – Frequently used with feature films, national advertising and similar projects
    – Download can be used by everyone on the project


  1. Subscriptions
    – Yearly: €890 for 120 clips
    – Monthly: €180 for 10 clips
  2. One-off purchases
    – €25 starting price
    – up to €500+

Pond5 is a good choice for agencies making lot’s of content, or for people that need a large variety of footage to cover their video editing needs. Since their library is so big, it is likely that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Film Supply is a “leader in cinematic footage licensing”. Their collections of footage are exceptionally high quality and have been contributed by many professional filmmakers from all over the world. One of their unique selling points is that the cinematic footage is broken up into collections based on the main theme of the clips. This clip organisation makes it easy to find what you’re looking for based on a particular theme, emotion or category.

Their pricing is very simple and is based on the intended usage of the clip. They only offer videos via one-off purchases, here are the prices:

  1. Internal – $99
    – Internal Meetings
    – Training
    – Shareholder Meetings
  2. Industrial – $199
    – Events
    – Tradeshow displays
    – Sales meetings
    – In-store promos
  3. Web/Digital – $199
    – Website
    – Social media
    – Web ads
  4. Extended use – by Quote
    – TV
    – Film
    – Video games
    – VOD
    – other

Key features – high quality, emotionally driven footage, purchasable one-off. Film Supply is a great alternative to Artgrid when you don’t want to be tied into an annual membership.

Dissolve is the last on our list of best stock video sites 2021, but is no means the least. A site for footage and photography, Dissolve has grown it’s video library to over 1.7 million video clips. Their mission has been to change the average standard of the stock industry and provide something spectacular. Based in Canada, they are a team of ex-industry professionals which means they really know their stock!

Split into collectionspopular searches and exclusive collections Dissolve has organised their library in an efficient and easy to discover way. Footage is priced per clip and provides a standard license with every purchase. Extended and premium licenses are available when needed.


  1. SD 480p: $29
  2. HD 1080p: $29 – $499
  3. 4K: $49 – $549

Dissolve is another great option when you need to by individual clips for projects and want to make sure you have a watertight license for your particular use case.

Top 5 Free Stock Video Sites

They made both lists! Well, we happen to think that their resource of free drone footage is really great. The library is very modest at the moment but they add to it regularly and ensure that all clips are 4K and of the highest quality. As a result, the footage is suitable for any kind of video project, including commercials.

One of the larger free footage libraries available, Pexels continue to offer great options for filmmakers on a budget. Their library contains a wide variety of shots of some varying qualities, but overall this is a fantastic resource that shouldn’t be overlooked.

With a library of high-quality free video resources, Coverr is great resource for filmmakers. You are free to use the footage in both commercial and non-commercial projects, without first needing the permission of the videographer or giving them credit (though it is appreciated where possible). You can even get virtual backgrounds for your zoom meetings

Mixkit has thousands of free videos in their library that can be used for any kind of project without the need for attribution. Their library is split into categories such as; Nature, Lifestyle, Business, Animals, Food & more. They even have a selection of vertical videos and virtual backgrounds for your zoom meetings.

Over 15,000 free videos available to download and use in your video projects. There is a mix of different themes and qualities throughout the Pixabay library, but overall this is great resource for video makers of all abilities.

Conclusions of the best stock video sites 2021

At the end of the day, it will come down to pricing, licensing and footage options that will determine which stock videos sites you will find the best.

If you need any help in finding the perfect footage for your next video project, VReel offers a free clip sourcing service. Simply jump into our chat widget on the VReel homepage and we’ll be happy to help.


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