How to Change the Size of a Video

How to change the size of a video

Step 1 - Open the correct Vidds project

Select the correct project from the Vidds creator Dashboard (if you are already creating a video, then skip to step 2).

  • Click the project thumbnail to start editing in the Vidds creator
How to change the size of a video

Step 2 - Edit project settings

  • On the righthand side of your screen, click the “edit” button at the bottom of the “Project Settings section”

Step 3 - Resize dimensions

  • Click on the “Resize” button to the side of the Dimensions information
Resize dimensions - edit project setting screen

Step 4 - Select desired video size

  • Select one of the pre-designed video sizes and click “Update” to make your video that size
  • Select “Custom” – place in your custom dimensions and click “Update”

Step 5 - Check your video

  • Navigate back to your video in the Vidds creator and check that you’re happy with your new video size
The Vidds Creator will use its intelligent processing core to resize and scale your content to fit the new video size. This means that you can create multiple versions of the same video to make it compatible across all the different social media platforms. Completely automatically.
Simply save and download the project between each re-sizing.

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