How to Use AI to Video Generator

Click "AI to Video" in the Automations section

How to Use AI to Video Generator

To use the Vidds AI Video Generator, click the “AI to Video” button in the Dashboard. As seen above in the “automations” section.

The AI to Video tool will open.

Use the prompt guides to build your prompt:

  • Set the number of points you would like – this will be the number of scenes in your video.

  • Choose between: short bullet points, headlines, paragraphs or how-to points for the text.

  • Add keywords into the empty text box to set the topic of the video.

  • Click “Generate” 

How to use AI to Video Generator Prompt Tool

Video Wizard - Customise Your Video

Video Wizard - How to use AI to Video Generator

The Video Wizard has sections for each part of the video that is changeable.

On the left you will find the text for each scene.

At the top, the buttons are your options to change the look and feel of the video

On the right, the preview shows you how the video looks with the background media and text.

Below the preview is the stock video search section. Here you can choose all the media for each scene.

AI Wizard Scene Text editor Video Wizard - How to use AI to Video Generator
add scene AI Video Wizard

Edit Scene Text

To edit the scene text, click the text box for the required scene. The preview on the right will change to show the correct scene.

Add or remove any text that you like. You will see the text in the preview update in real-time.

Switch between scenes by clicking in the text box of the next scene you want to edit. Repeat the process of adding or removing any text that you want.

To add more scenes, scroll to the bottom of the scene text list and click the “add scene” button. There is also an option to add a scene using AI. To do this, add your prompt and allow the AI to generate more texts on your topic for new scenes.

Editing Options - Look and Feel

Video Wizard Editing Options

Theme – our library of theme designs lets you change the look of your video in one click.

How to change the theme:

  • Click the “Theme” button at the top.

  • View the different themes by hovering your mouse over them.

  • Click the theme that you like.

  • The video design changes.

Brand Kits – adjust fonts and colours of your video to match your branding

How to change Brand Kit:

  • Click the Brand Kits button at the top

  • Select, “Create a New Kit”

  • Give the Brand Kit a name

  • Select your new brand kit from the list

  • Complete the Brand Kit design guide by updating all colours and fonts.

  • Click “Save”.

Your video now has your brand kit added. You will see the changes in the preview.

Music – add background music to your video

How to add Music:

  • Click the Music button at the top.
  • Browse the Free Music Library.
  • Filter using the “Mood” and “Genre” lists.
  • Preview the songs using the Play button to the left.
  • Click “Select” on the song you like to add it to your video

Your video now has a background song added.

Video Size – change the aspect ratio of your video

How to change Video Size:

  • Click the video size button at the top
  • Select square, portrait or landscape from the list

Your video size has now been changed. Note that all the text and media are automatically resized.

AI Video Wizard - Change Video 1
AI Video Wizard - Change Video 2

Change Scene Videos

There are two easy ways to change the background video of a scene.


  • In the video preview, click the “choose” button.

  • Upload a video or an image from your computer

  • Select the uploaded video from the “My Library” list


  • Use the Quick Stock Media section

  • Choose one of the videos by clicking the thumbnails

  • Update the Quick Stock Media by clicking the “Keywords” tags above the thumbnails.

  • Search new stock videos by clicking “Custom Search” and adding keywords

  • Switch between scenes by clicking the correct scene text box on the left

  • Repeat the process for each scene

How to use AI to Video Generator AI Video Wizard - Download video

Preview & Export

When you are happy with the content, look and feel of your video it’s time to create it. You can preview the whole video by clicking the “Preview” button in the top right.

Next, you can create the video by clicking “Create” in the top right. You’ll have the option to “Download Now” or “Save and Edit”. If you are happy with the video exactly as it is, then click “Download Now”. If you’d like to edit the video further or save it for future editing, click “Save and Edit”. The Save and Edit option allows you to make changes using all the features of the Vidds main video editing tool.

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