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Your complete video creation workflow

Our AI augmented automation tools allow you to truly streamline your video creation pipeline. From idea generation to video in one-click, Vidds is the fastest and most efficient way to create new content. Use the power of ChatGPT to make better videos, in less time.

Video Automations - AI Video Generator Flow

AI Video Wizard!

Create a video from a single keyword or phrase. 

The AI video generator will even automatically search for relevant and suitable stock video assets for you to use in the video. All you need to do is select the ones you like.

Our no-frills editor lets you get straight to the important stuff, update the Theme, change the colors & fonts, add music and adjust the size. No complicated editor packed full of confusing options, just the essentials for creating your perfect video.

Text to Video!

Type or paste in text to create a video.

Paste your blog, news article or any text for that matter into our Text to Video generator and watch it create a video from the information in the document.

It will scan your text, and then split and structure it into video scenes.

We’ll automatically find stock videos to fill your video, so you can create a video to post on social media in minutes!

Video Automations - Text-to-Video Flow

Content Planner

Sure, one video is great, but what if you could automate the full process from idea to video, and always have your next post ready to go?

Our content planner will do that for you!

Generate ideas, topics and full videos using AI. Simply prompt the AI and watch it do the rest. 

To create a video, now all you need to do is click one of the ideas the AI suggested and a video will automatically be made for you.

AI Video Generator Example

AI Video Generator Prompt

Prompt: I want to generate 5 points that are short bullet points about “Video Marketing Trends 2023”

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How will AI change video creation?

Having AI in your corner will ease the creative process and really speed up the “ideas” phase of creating a video. By generating ideas, scripts and even the video text itself, the ability to output more engaging, interesting and professional videos becomes reality.

We asked the AI why people should use AI to create videos and here’s what it said…

First, AI can help you create videos that are more dynamic and engaging. Second, AI can help you create videos quickly and easily. Third, AI can help you create videos that are more creative and unique.

So there we have it, AI videos are going to be more dynamic and engaging, faster and easier to create, and more creative and unique.