Add Background Images and Videos

How to add background images and videos to your Vidds scenes

Step 1 - Select the correct scene

  • Click on the correct scene thumbnail in the “Scene List”at the bottom of the screen

Step 2 - Select "Add Media" from the top toolbar

  • From the top toolbar, click the “Add Media” icon

Step 3 - Select your background

  • Upload your own media (image or video) from your device, once it’s added to your media list, simply click on it to add it to your video
  • Choose a previously uploaded file by clicking on it
  • Search and add images and videos with our stock media integration provided by Pexels – simply type a keyword term (e.g. “Cats”) in the search bar, click the “Search Pexels” button and select the media you’d like to use by clicking on it

Step 4 - Resize, Save and continue editing

  • Drag the new video or image to cover your video. You can use the snapping points to make sure it’s positioned correctly.
  • Save your changes using the save button in the top right hand corner

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