Add Text to Your Videos

Become a video ninja with Vidds and easily embed or animate text in your videos

*No credit card required

Add Text to Video Screenshot

Actual view from within the Vidds creator

Videos love having
text added

Ever seen those super slick videos that have beautiful texts animated over the top and thought, “I wish I could make videos like that“? Well today is your lucky day.

With Vidds, we’ve made adding text on top of your videos so simple that everyone can do it. 
– Select a scene from our template library, edit the text, make some style tweaks and download that puppy. 
– Or if you want to go full-ninja you can customise your scene from scratch, based on your own creative vision. Add text elements over the top of images, videos or a simple background colour 

Is this the perfect way to make your video stand out from the crowd? Could-be!
Is this the easiest way to add text to your video? Definitely! 
The icing on the cake? You can even animate every text element in-to and out of the scene.

So simple it might be criminal

Professional video editors hate us, we took a task that they could bill hours for and made it possible for you to do in a few seconds with a couple of clicks! 

When it comes to adding text, you could include a word (or two), a sentence, details of a coupon code, event info, or an entire paragraph. The possibilities are endless and the choice is yours.

The advantage of adding text to your video is huge! It helps capture your viewers’ attention and communicate your message clearly.

Our template library saves you time

1. Select Template

Create a project – select a template to get started or try your hand with a blank canvas.

2. Add Text

Add a text element, input your text and then customise the font, add styling and set your animations.

3. Download Video

When you’re happy with your video simply click “Download” and your video will begin to render. 


Yes! Vidds was built for easy online video editing, even if you’ve never created a video before. We have a simple arrangement of scenes that combine to create a full video. We have a ton of designs ready to add and customize with your own text, images, or videos. Each is beautifully animated with no work on your part! Even better, you can try it to make sure that Vidds is right for you!

Absolutely! You can sign up and try it out – no credit card required. We even give you free downloads with the Vidds watermark so you can see exactly how it works before you pay.

Definitely. Vidds is designed to make great looking videos even if you don’t have your own video content! We do this in a number of ways: We animate text that looks great and stands out on its own. You can apply a “zoom” effect to images with a click (sometimes called “the Ken Burns effect” after the documentary filmmaker) so they provide additional movement. We also include access to free stock photo and video search, so you can find the perfect background.

Undoubtably! If you’re trying to grow your social media following, advertise your products or services online, or otherwise catch someone’s attention, videos are much more effective and engaging than text and images!

Sure! Our editor is designed to swap out text and media without the need to delete and create elements all over again. Just change your text, images, or videos and download your new video!

Yep, we provide a selection of background music so you can fit the mood of your video. From soothing to upbeat, country to hip hop to electronic, you can find the music you need.

Yes, every scene you add to Vidds is fully customizable! You can change the font, size, and color of text, swap image and video content, move elements,add new elements, or remove anything you don’t want. You can even change the animations for each element!

Yes, and it’s easy to do with our scene list – just add your first video, then add another scene with your second video (or third, or fourth, or more) to combine them all into one.

Vidds is so powerful and easy to use, you can even play back multiple videos at once by putting one above the other, or overlaying one for a “Picture in Picture” design.

Yes! You can easily use our video size presets or enter a custom size. When resizing a video, you can choose to “fit” a video so it’s centered in the resized version, or “cover” so it completely covers the new video size, clipping the parts that don’t fit.

Vidds is so powerful and easy to use, you can even play back multiple videos at once by putting one above the other, or overlaying one for a “Picture in Picture” design.

Yes! We allow you to play back an entire video easily, or clip it by selecting the start and end time. You can even speed a video up or slow it down!

Nope! We understand that everyone has different needs for video creation. If you’re creating a lot of content to promote on social media or for advertising, a monthly plan can save you a lot of money. But if you only publish videos occasionally or aren’t quite ready to go full-steam ahead, you can pay for individual videos as you need them.

We have free stock photos integrated so you don’t need to create all of the content yourself! When you’re selecting an image or video, you can just type in a phrase (like Nature, Business, etc) and see a list of videos and images to choose from.

You can use your videos anywhere and everywhere! When you download a video, we give you an mp4 file which can be added to social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc. You can upload your video to YouTube or use them on your website.

Absolutely! Once you download a video, it is yours forever to use as you wish. Whether your video is a quick social media post, or evergreen content you want to keep around for years. If you cancel a subscription, the videos are still yours.

Yes, you can set the mood to match your content easily with Vidds. You can change colors and fonts to make your scene bright, bold, elegant, romantic, fun, or serious. You can easily make it mellow or fast-paced by changing the scene animation speed.

No way! We have plenty of designs already built to make it simple to find something that looks nice, then customize it as much as you’d like with your own text, images and videos!

Yes! Not only can you add or remove elements from our designs, you can start with a clean slate and design your own! Mix and match – start with our pre-designed templates, modify them if necessary, and create your own so your video is how you imagined it.